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As a traveling writer, Brianna balances her love for Japanese pop culture with adventures around the world. She believes that while every place has a magic of its own, there is something uniquely enchanting about Japan. Brianna has traveled to Japan 6 times for school, work, volunteer projects, and leisure tourism- and is still heads over heels for the Land of the Rising Sun!

Is it Okay to Slurp Noodles in Japan?

Slurping ramen noodles

Japanese hospitality, sometimes called omotenashi, is praised as being a step above the rest of the world. With this reputation for elegant respect and ceaseless courtesy, travelers fresh off the plane and hungry for their first authentic bowl of Japanese…

Why is Japanese so Hard to Learn?

Why is Japanese so hard to learn? Is Japanese really that difficult? It’s true that Japanese can be a hard language to learn, but it comes with a lot of benefits. You could watch your favorite anime without subtitles, play…

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