Famous Japanese Authors You Should Try Reading

Many readers outside of Japan aren’t familiar with Japanese literature. That’s unfortunate because many wonderful authors from Japan exist. Japan has maintained a vibrant literary culture since writing was introduced to Japan from China in the 5th century via Korea.…

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Why Do Japanese People Bow to Each Other?

If you’ve ever visited Japan or watched a Japanese TV show, you’ve likely seen people bow to each other. It’s an aspect of Japanese culture that most of us know. There are several reasons people in Japan bow to each…

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What is a Tatami Mat?

You’ve likely noticed that the flooring in Japanese rooms looks different than what we are used to in the West. This type of flooring is called tatami and, like many things in Japan, it’s quite interesting. What is Tatami? A…

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12 Unique Japanese Kit Kat Flavors You Need to Try

The origin of Kit Kat, the chocolate-covered wafer bar, goes back to 1911 when British confectionery company Rowntree trademarked the term. It wasn’t until the 1920s that production started, and became wildly successful. Most people are familiar with the traditional…

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11 Of the Best Anime Movies to Watch

Anime is a form of art, unlike any other. There are a lot of anime series out there that have amazing animation, stunning character development, and an engaging storyline worthy of a binge-watch. What gets to people about an anime…

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10 Great Sports Anime to Watch

Anime and….sports? Do those two things even go together? That was our initial reaction to various sports anime we saw scrolling through shows to try. We put off watching them for a long time until we finally forced ourselves to…

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